Physical Therapy:
From the Desk of Dr. Mike
To our patients,

Welcome to the Physical Therapy/Rehab Dept at JMS Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. I'm Dr. Michael S. Morga and would just like to share some information about what we do.

How does one choose a P.T. office? Well, let's face it, it's not about shopping for the lowest price (unless of course you have no insurance in which case we can't be beat), but more about the quality of patient care.

Ok, so what's so great about us? Well, the first big difference is that we don't just treat you for the pain and or dysfunction you are experiencing today. A complete analysis of biomechanical and dynamic postural issues help us to educate you about all the contributors to your current pain problems as well as issues you may be heading toward in the future. Moreover, we don't just look at the area of the body that you came in for.

Have you had physical therapy in the past? In the case of low back pain, for example, did the therapist do a complete gait analysis to see what possible contributors to your pain may be coming from how you walk? Did he/she teach you how to bend correctly, lift, reach, etc? Were ergonomic issues addressed? Did the therapist ask you about your functional activities at your job? If you have a desk job, do you now know the correct seat height, desk height, shoulder and back position for correct ergonomics based on your personal anatomy - or - did you just get electrical stimulation with heat (useless), a little rubdown (equally useless in the long term), and maybe do some exercises (unsupervised) before you were kicked out the door due to high volume?

If you tried 'physical therapy' and it 'didn't work', you probably did not receive physical therapy. Here's a good one: Did you ask your therapist for clinical evidence to back up each and every treatment he/she is performing on you?
Maybe it's time to come down to JMS Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. You will receive one on one personal attention for every visit and you will see the same therapist every time you come in with no exceptions. Check out our Education page for a sample of the type of information that will be available to you once you are enrolled as a patient. Enrollment entitles you to access all of the information with a personalized username and password which also accesses your own personalized Home Exercise Program.